Attractions of Russian Culture

The Traditional Attractions of Russian Culture

Russian culture is very prosperous. It comprises of decades based on their diverse background. Russians tradition features their skill, meals, traditions, literary works, thought patterns and much more.

Russian culture is rich in style and variety, reflecting their passion of education arts and liberal arts. These people are very accepting and accommodate all the religious beliefs. This makes Russia a multi-cultural and multi-religious state.

Russian Cultural Celebrations

Traditional celebrations in Russia, Russian culture

Pretty Russian women in their traditional celebrations

Indeed the state of Russia evokes many memories. The Czars and their lifestyle, the Russian orthodoxy, the immense and lonely roads, all of them combine to make Russian culture attractive. Russian history and culture was often associated with the communist era. But they have very old history and broad-ranging traditions.

January 7th is Christmas in Russia !

Russian society belongs to diverse religious background. Majority of Russian people follow Orthodox Christianity . Their unique celebrations of Orthodox  Christmas  on January 7th, are long awaited throughout the year. This has become a national holiday in Russia. Religious services, Christmas eve fast and then special dishes are the specialties of  Orthodox Christmas in Russia.

Russian Orthodox Church, Russian culture

Russian Orthodox Church

Easter in Russia

Easter gained fame after the soviet regime. You would see people greeting one another with “Khristos Voskres” all over the Russia. It is also the time to relish Russia food. Special dishes like Kulich and Paskha are prepared for this day. The people greet one another by gifting Easter eggs and breads.

Ivan Kupala Celebration in Russia

Russian culture

Ivan Kupala Celebrations in Russia

Russians from all over the country honor Ivan on the night of 23rd June every year. The festival is for the young at heart. The Boys jump over bonfires where girls hover flower garlands in the river. These rates are often illuminated with candles, to gather an insight on the future of their kinship.

Russian Tea, Chay

The habit of drinking 'Chay' in Russia is the next most famous after drinking vodka here. It was introduced to the Russians in the 17th century. The practice was first introduced to the elite people. At that time, they used this tea as a specialty in their functions.

Today, chay is one of the most special and favorite drinks of every Russian. They also like to have biscuits, sandwiches and a batch of confections with tea.

Russian Samovar, Russian Culture, Travel to Russia

Little Russian Girl on  a Tea Serving

Living Culture in Russia

Nearly all people live in small flats. They often use the same tiny place for two to three generations.Majority of the women work in offices and do their household and parenting duties. Russians tend to be proud of their state.

Greetings in Russian Culture

Greetings are very special in Russian culture. Bone-crushing handshake is the standard custom of greeting in Russia. Along with keeping an eye contact for sometime.

Russian tradition and greetings, Russian culture

Russian tradition and greetings

Men shakes hand and wrists. Women kiss around the cheek 3 times, beginning with the eventually left and alternating. Men also pat one another around the back and hug.

Literature in Russian culture

Arts and crafts have always been at the essence of Russian civilization. Literature too is a really strong view of the Russian cultures. Some of the famous names in the Russian literature are Alexander Pushkin, Anton Chekov and Leo Tolstoy.

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