Affordable Accommodation in Russia

How to find the most Affordable Accommodation in Russia

Finding accommodations at affordable prices is a pretty tough thing to handle in new cities. And when you have plans to move to the top cities of world, like Moscow and St. Petersburg . This process can even become more hectic. As these are the two most populated areas of Russia with large number of foreigners.

For the year round rush of tourists and professionals in Moscow and St.Petersburg. There are many vacations rentals, resorts, high-class hotels and accommodations in these cities of Russia. Ranging from three stars to the top class seven star hotels, you can easily find many luxurious places to spend your time in Russia.

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Residential Areas in Russia

For getting affordable prices of accommodations in Russia, the rates can be compromised with the locations, furnishings, facilities, distance from the main city centers and the local transport stops.

Accommodation for Students

There are special accommodation options for international students in Russia. There are option of sharing room with other students. The cost of accommodation ranges from 150 to 250$ as per the facilities provided to student.

Students are provided with television, internet, microwave and some other basic facilities of life. The student accommodation are according to the requirements of the student life to make their stay comfortable at the place.

Elite Accommodation in Russia

Central Areas of Moscow and St. Petersburg are highly expensive areas to live. This is because they are close to the main city centers, officials locations and main historical attractions.

Patriarshy Ponds, Chistye Prudy, Arbat, Tretyakov Gallery Area, Ostozhenka Area , Tverskoi. They are the most costly areas of urban Russia.

The rental prices generally starts from 10000 USD in the elite class residential apartments of Moscow and St. Petersburg and varies to 50000 USD or more.

Affordable Accommodation  in Russia


Boulevard Ring, Kropotkinskaya. Frunzenskaya Area, Taganskaya Area, Leningradsky Prospect are in the close suburbs of Central Moscow.

St. Petersburg

Similarly, Vasilevsky Island, Petrogradsky side, Nevsky Prospect and Golden Triangle are the nice localities near to the Central St. Petersburg.

Here you can find a decent apartment for yourself in around $1000 – $3000. Single bedroom and shared apartment are even cheaper than that.

Kirov district, Life in St. Petersburg

The busy Street life  and accommodation in the city of St. Petersburg Russia.

How to find affordable accommodation in Russia?

For finding the right accommodation in Russia, first, decide what do you want for yourself? The modernized posh apartment? The country side or suburb areas to live? Shared apartment ? Paying guests of Russians?

Try to find some local contacts. Because if you are a foreigner plus don’t even know the local language then please don’t try this hunting alone. Some of the locals try to overcharge you just by knowing that you are from some different place of the world.

Now a days the internet networking’s have made it quite easy to find an affordable accommodation in Russia. But you should always go for on – site survey before finalizing your apartment.

Rental Documents Requirement

This document is the official agreement of tenancy. This has general terms about rentals, like

    • How much you will pay?
    • How will you pay?
    • Rental period?
    • Payment dates?
    • List of furnishings?
    • Utilities?
    • Compensations for damages and things like that.

As a foreigner, you need to have your Russian visa documents and passport to show that you are officially allowed to live in Russia for that much period.

RIBTTES is providing you services of accommodation providers in Russia. Choosing us is the good options for finding accommodations in Russia. We can help you in setting up all these arrangements for you. Instead of starting your own hunting, just give your requirements to us and we offer you the most suitable place.

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