Academic Schedule in Russian Universities

When Russian Universities start their Semesters? Read about the Academic Schedule of Russia here.

Academic Calendar, Russian universities

Academic Calendar

In recent years, Russia has become one of the top education centers of the world. It has gained the attention of many potential students who are intelligent, but could not afford quality education from American and European universities.

So, if you are planning to study in Russia, You should know all about the academic session of Russian universities for your preparations and admissions process.

Most of the Russian Universities are now following  semester system of education. For all the international students in Russia, here is the complete schedule of academic year in Russia.

Semester of Academic Year in Russia

The academic year in Russia has two semesters. The first semester in Russian universities begins in September and ends in January. The second semester begins in February and ends in June.

It is must for every university to start the academic session in September. All Russian universities follow this same schedule. It is a must condition by Russian Government.

Vacations in Russian Universities

A student can enjoy vacations twice a year. One week vacations are given at the end of first semester.  And three months of summer vacations at the end of second semester.

Semester Exams in Russian Universities

All students are tested for their learnings during the academic session. The first exam session is taken at the end of first term in January.  And the second exam session is taken at the end of second session in June.

Part time Work Schedule for Study in Russia

Scenic Beauty of Russia Lake Baikal in Russia, Russian universities

Scenic Beauty of Russia Lake Baikal in Russia

Foreign students can work legally Russia on their student visa.  Every student is given full opportunity to earn their academic expenses by working part time.

Flexible Schedule for Students

Russian academic system is very flexible for the students. It will never over burden you on your study in Russia. You will definitely enjoy all the amazing chances of exploring Russia and its beauty!

We are here for you, for any help you need to study in Russia.

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  1. Can i take admission in russiya in the month of november as a late student?is there any chance of late admission in mbbs in Russia?
    • Natalia
      Dear Akansha, There is no option for late admission , I am sorry , You can check for the February Intake 2018 for the Russian Preparatory Course , Please fill the student form here :
  2. Is there any chance of a your university promoting you to lv2 if you have already done your lv1 in another university?
    • Natalia
      Dear Student, we cannot guide you until we know your university, your course and your visa type , Please send us your student application for further assessment here - CHOOSE THE CATEGORY AS CONFIRMED STUDENT AND THEN ATTACH ALL DOCUMENTS PLEASE : team will evaluate your documents and will get back to you through email.Regards, Team RIBTTES

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