Academic Exchange Programs For Study in Russia

Exchange your Study Semester in Russia!

Academic exchange programs to study in Russia are  for students and educational community. These exchange programs are great source of having multinational academic experiences. Various organizations are working to bring Russian universities close to the other top universities of the world. Offering many students, internees, professionals and researchers academic exchange programs for study in Russia.

About Academic Exchange Programs 

The academic exchange programs are offered in English and Russian with free courses of Russian language. Students are invited on semester exchanges, short term projects, language courses and seminars in Russian universities.

Fulbright Academic Exchange Program to Study in Russia

Fulbright academic exchange is a US State program. Many universities around the world are in collaboration with US in this academic exchange.  Fulbright program is also offered in Russia for both US and Russian Citizens.  Every year about 80-100 scholars, teachers, researchers, students and specialists are exchanged on the state programs.

These are the options for US citizens to study in Russia:

  • U.S. Fulbright Scholar Program
  • Graduate Student Program
  • English Teaching Assistants
  • The Senior Specialists program
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Russian Students in Cultural Celebrations

International Academic Mobility & Students Exchange Programs

They are funded projects by European commission. Established to run student exchange programs and Internship exchange programs in Europe.

These programs are offered in the Faculty of Sciences, Arts and Cultural Studies, History, Economy, Law, International Relations, Management and so many other disciplines.

Students can spend 1-2 semesters (maximum 10 months) in Russia for Exchange Program. Post graduate academic internships are offered for 2 weeks to the max of 12 months.

Eranet Mundus Academic Exchange Program to Study in Russia

Eranet Mundus is a Russian program of Erasmus Mundus scholarships. Ten European universities and eight Russian universities are partners in this . They offer multiple academic exchange programs across Russia and Europe.

The academic exchange programs are offered in the following universities

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