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RIBTTES" is dynamic and reliable platform.With our multi dimensional ability, "RIBTTES" bring you the best services for all types of your plans to visit Russia, Study in Russia, Business in Russia. We can proudly say that "RIBTTES does exactly what it claims to do"
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We can guarantee you that the services you will get from our side, will be up to the standard. We can understand that coming to a foreign country for business, education and tourism etc is really not an easy decision. Especially in the country where language barrier exist.We have flexible , effective and easy to implement solutions for your problems. Our professional support team is always ready to help you in any given service sector in Russia. RIBTTES will act as a bridge between your ideas and your success. Our mission is to provide our clients a feeling of security.More About US

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Russia is known as the fastest emerging market in BRICS countries.Russia has the largest resources of natural gas, fresh water and petroleum. Russia is known for its most advanced industry and world best space program. Today Russia is the biggest domestic market in Europe and 7th biggest in the world.Russia now offers 28 ‘special economic zones’ to welcome foreign investments with easy tax policies and immigration schemes.Russia is a home to countless modern inventions. Russian universities are among the top 100 positions in medical, nuclear science, Data Sciences, IT, Management and much more.

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  • Russia holds the 10th position in world for getting easy access to Commercial Energy and Electricity.
  • Russia holds 12th position in world for enforcing lawful contracts.
  • Russia is proud to hold 28th position in world for offering the ease of starting business in Russia.
  • Russia is the largest exporter of coal, oil, petroleum and precious minerals.
  • Russia is the country of advanced, talented and welcoming people with 99% literacy rate.
  • Russians are classified in Upper Middle Class. This creates vast opportunities for skilled people to settle and flourish in Russia
  • Russians have strong roots in respectable culture and family traditions.
  • Russia is a domestics market of over 150 million users that love spend on services, luxuries and life style. This has opened doors to countless middle scal to large scale foreign investors in Russia.

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FIFA 2018 Matches in Saint Petersburg Russia

We present you the complete city guide specially to explore the beautiful city of Saint Petersburg Russia.Do not miss the BLOG!

Top Business Degrees to Study in Russia

Russian graduates are high in demand in the fields of Big Data research, International Business Management, Financial Economics and Entrepreneurial InnovationsRead Details

Jobs in Russia

Russia is a place for smart and innovative professionals, who urge to make their mark in the challenging business environment of Moscow, Saint Peterburg and Russian Industrial cities.Explore Realities  


Study in Russia

RIBTTES not only cares about students at the time of visa submission but also when the students arrive to Russian. We provide our much needed professional support to our students during their complete stay. It makes RIBTTES better than others because we care !

Business in Russia

We are a group of experienced and creative professionals. We work to flourish you as an entrepreneur or as a growing business company in Russia. Our target is to make your business plan successful with easy, cost effective and efficient business solutions in Russia.

Travel in Russia

On a romantic tour with loved ones or wanting a relaxing holiday with family, RIBTTES will give you the perfect deal for Russia tours. Explore Russia, the land of most beautiful people, flavors, places, ballets, skylines and crazy nightlife with us!

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